InvestorQ : will nifty touch,12300 during this month??
dhiren made post

will nifty touch,12300 during this month??

3 years ago

Nifty cmp @ 12000

As per the macro data's and news flows there is a higher possiblity NIFTY might hit a high of 12230/12250

12,300 is quite High target as per this month but it is also possible if a proper news flow hit the market 👍.

So if you wanna go long buy next month 12300 call would more preferable.

Note: there is no guarantee in stock market ✌️

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shrinidhi Rajan answered.
3 years ago

Nifty is not too far off and is just about 250 points away from the 12,300 mark. However, with just about 10 trading days left in the December month, the markets may remain range-bound due to lack of special interest and action in the market. Normally, FIIs tend to go slow in the last half of December as they want to avoid any major losses in the last part of the year. That is the time to consolidate the positions for the year.

I think, eventually, this Nifty should head higher towards 12,500 and higher but that will need a big push from the government in the form of reform sops. What happens now and the Union Budget on February 01, will be very crucial. The markets are expecting the Finance Minister to give a big boost to industry and the economy. If the budget gives the right indications, then the Nifty could be headed much higher. For now, the liquidity flows into equity markets are still quite strong.